Until today I was unaware of I was so very moved by what your company creates that I can’t let the day end without providing you with the following feedback.

I am a school social worker at the TCDSB. This morning in response to the sudden death of a father last week, a colleague and I attended the home of his bereaved wife and their two young children to express our condolences and to offer our support. During the course of the morning the mother showed us a beautiful memory box that friends had given her and her children to store precious keepsakes. In that box was the most beautiful photographic tribute I have ever seen.

My colleague and I looked at each photo carefully. It allowed us to help the mother tell us not only about the death and the trauma of the death but also about what is most important: her husband’s beautiful precious life.

Without what your company created that most important critical crucial priceless sharing would most definitely not have been possible.

We had never met this young father but through the book created by your team, it was as though we had an opportunity to come to know him and his life and his role and his legacy as a loving father and husband and son and brother and friend to many. It is hard to express how beautiful and moving the experience was. Without the book and the images and the carefully chosen words, this man would have remained just a name or just a photograph or two in the living room.

Instead what happened is that this woman was able to share the love of her life with us as well as all the pain she is going through during this most challenging of times. This is to let you know of the depth of soul that your creations reach.

By my colleague and I having had this unique opportunity to somehow build a rapport with this father now gone, it feels as though we somehow know him and his soul. In knowing his soul, it will be that much “easier” in a way to support this mother as she travels the course of her grief supporting her children along the way.

It was as though he was in the room with us.

When their little boy came home from school, one of the first things he did was to go and look at “daddy’s book”. It is a sight that I will never forget of pure comfort and joy during a time of such deep pain. Please know that you and your team are doing amazing work Tracy to help loved ones heal through remembering and being with the heart and soul and cherished memories left behind by those
departed before us. I have looked over your beautifully designed website and just signed up to create a book.

I look forward to connecting with your amazing team and the most precious and compassionate
of philosophies of business.

With love and thanks,

Social worker at the TCDSB


To have MyBabbo create these keepsakes for us, gives us the time to focus on our family’s needs. Their process is easy, and their products are high quality and professional looking that we are proud to put our name on.

Jimmy Cardinal,
Cardinal Funeral Homes


MyBabbo customer service is always positive and up lifting. All team members are amazing and accommodating even when we need something changed at the final hour.

Thank you!

Carla Edgar,
Ogden Funeral Home


After my own bereavement last year, I found the resources provided by MyBabbo particularly meaningful. They skillfully crafted two beautiful slide shows of Steve’s life with music which we played at the celebrations, designed a beautiful canvas and a lovely Memory Book which friends and family will cherish forever. The service and tributes were great, but the things I will remember most are the pictures, candles and assorted memorabilia MyBabbo provided, which I can honestly say from the other side of the consumer fence were enormously meaningful and provided a great opportunity to grieve our loss while also celebrating my son’s life.

Dr. Bill Webster,
Executive Director,
The Center for the Grief Journey


Thank you so, so much for your kindness and generosity. I was literally just going to write this sentence in response to your email…’you have no idea how much these mean to me’….but you actually DO know how much the books, videos (MEMORIES!) mean to us!!! This is WHY you do what you do…and I am blessed to have you share your gifts with us. THANK YOU for being so passionate about what you do and sharing that passion with all of us. You are incredible, and so inspiring. Truly, we are all blessed that you chose this path in life and help us all remember all the important moments and people who touched us.


Jen Rayworth,
Smith’s Funeral Home 


‘MyBabbo understands how stressful our business can be. Their customer service is exceptional. They are always accommodating to our needs and their team is a real joy to work with.’

Naomi Schroeder,
Funeral Director


I’m so delighted with the photo book you created for my Aunt. I have been sharing a bit at a time with her. Her focus comes and goes, but I can tell she is so touched. It’s giving us a precious priceless time right now that I will cherish forever.

Thank you, thank you!

Gloria Garvie


I just thought I’d send you a note because lately I can’t stop thinking about how much I love working at MyBabbo! You are so affirming of my talents, gracious with my mistakes, respectful of my boundaries, and persistent when there are problems to work through. You inspire me by your commitment to excellence and you strive to help me get to my best work. You are not afraid of any obstacle and I believe I have grown in my willingness to tackle problems because I have seen you conquer them again and again. You have also been so generous with inviting me into other aspects of the business and allowing me to test out my skill set.
What I love most about you is that you are an irrepressible optimist! You make me feel like I can do anything! I am so excited for what MyBabbo has and will become. I am also excited for who I am becoming working for you. I’m learning new design programs, working through conflict, pushing through problems and all of it is so fun and exciting with you behind me always there for support.
Just wanted to let you know what an amazing job you have done leading this company! Feeling so thankful,

Jenn Krishnan,
Graphic Designer at MyBabbo


Our families love MyBabbo photo books and want to order more! This is the only tangible item that clients walk away with. It’s a great marketing tool and a good revenue generator for our Funeral Home.

Melanie MacDonald,
Director at
Weaver Family Funeral Homes


We are so grateful to MyBabbo for helping us prepare for my father’s Celebration of Life. The team created two beautiful slideshow videos and a photo book we will cherish forever. Our guests enjoyed watching the videos and flipping through the books at the event. I’m sure we will do the same for years to come.
Tracy also suggested and helped us with some other details for the event that we probably wouldn’t have thought of, including a guest signing book and some photos of Dad that MyBabbo enlarged and framed for us to display at the event.

MyBabbo told me exactly what they needed from us and made the entire process stress-free. During a difficult time, this was so very appreciated.

I would recommend MyBabbo’s services for any event. Particularly during such a difficult time, having things done so beautifully and professionally was a real gift.

Laura Brossman


Using MyBabbo’s service saves us so much time. It is fast, easy to use and the quality is always wonderful.

Lindsey Karpowicz,
Ridley Funeral Home


Thank you. I just received your photo book and it is amazing. Great job! You and your staff have far exceeded any expectations. I could go on and on. In one word…

Incredible. Cheers,

Mark Geene


I wanted to thank you for the DVD’s you made both for the memorial service and of mom while she was living….they are beautiful. I didn’t want to watch it before the service as I didn’t want to get choked up! I finally watched both and they definitely brought tears to our eyes….we had a big box of Kleenex, but also comfort. Thank you so much for these keepsakes as well as the recipe cards we handed out at the service, the canvas print, providing the guest book and the photo books. Beautiful job! Really appreciate everything you did!

Jill Muir


Upon my first introduction to I was apprehensive about outsourcing our DVD Tributes, trusting a third party with such an integral part of serving our families, because this highly personalized service to families is so valuable to their grief experience, one which will survive generations.
However, when the coffee table book was added to the DVD tribute service, then the decision became a no-brainer. We have always wanted to offer this combination service and by partnering with, we are producing incredible and repeatable wow-factors with each family.
Tracy and her team absolutely know how to achieve excellence in customer service. delivers what they promise each and every time, complete with flawless and consistent quality, delivery time and better than fair pricing! You owe it to your company and especially the families you serve, to partner with

Kevin Weaver


We surprise our families with a MyBabbo photo book as a complimentary gift. They are always thrilled with their forever keepsake which makes us look good. It’s a win, win.

Sean Thomson,
Smith’s Funeral Homes


MyBabbo products are great, but another thing that really stands out to me is their dedication to people and building community. I love all the charitable work they do and how they employ mom’s and the handicapped. They have a strong moral compass and it is a delight to work with their team.

Edward Debassige,
Bernardo Funeral Homes


I am so happy that Springfield Funeral Home partnered with MyBabbo for the creation of video tributes and photobooks. Families always say that the video is so beautiful, and that it captured the essence of their loved one so perfectly. The video tributes and photobooks are of exceptional quality. I have also had Mybabbo create a photobook of personal vacation photos. It is a treasured reminder of a fabulous family trip. I highly recommend partnering with them as they provide exceptional customer service and make providing a quality product easy and efficient.

Wishing you continued success!

Connie Kimmich,
Springfield Funeral Home


I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the DVD’s that you did for the family we served. Especially for what you charged. I was truly amazed, and I am sure the family will be too.

Thank you,

 Katherine Scimmi,
McKenzie & Blundy Funeral Home


“I guess what I keep coming back to is the quality. MyBabbo is so professional. It looks more expensive than it really is. It’s really an impressive thing.”

Jim Cardinal,
Cardinal Funeral Homes


On behalf of my family, thank you for a beautiful tribute to my father and recollection of wonderful memories we have shared with him.We appreciate your kind direction and patience. The result is lovely!

A.W. Richards, family from
Cavil-Turner Funeral Home


When I visit the families after the service, I notice that about 30% of them have their photo book on their coffee table. It’s a strong marketing tool which helps with new business.

Nathan Rhody,
Rhody Family Funeral Home


I recently had MyBabbo create a photo book for my brother-in-law whose wife tragically passed away. Here is part of a text I got in response…“I wasn’t really sure what to expect with the photo book, but they turned out beautifully. Such a precious keepsake for my kids to have.” For him, that’s a lot of expressive words:)
I was a little hesitant to give them the photo books because I thought there might be a lot of tears as they looked though them. To my surprise, there was some sadness, but it actually brought out a lot of JOY! The books are done in a way that doesn’t feel intense or heavy, but more like a celebration of her life.

It has been such a blessing working with your company. I could feel that this is more than a job for you. You have put your hearts into this and are ministering to peoples’ hearts as they grieve and helping them grieve healthily.

Such a gift!! Thank you!!!

Kat Samutt


“I always enjoy my interaction with the MyBabbo team. Whether they are dropping off card stock or cupcakes, they never miss an opportunity to say something positive and ask about news in my life. It’s great to be doing business with friends!”

Andrew Cardinal,
Cardinal Funeral Homes


I just wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you for everything you did to help make our staff year end celebration so special last night. The DVD of photos was awesome, and the book for Don was incredible – he was so surprised and touched, and I can’t thank you both enough for always “being there” for all of us at Smith’s. I can’t put my appreciation into words really, but I hope you know what a difference you made for all of us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Warmly,

Smiths Funeral Homes Team


We received a call from another funeral home from out of town that requested a MyBabbo photo book! The Funeral Home didn’t use MyBabbo, so the family asked if we could create a photo book for their family. Of course, we were happy to help and who wouldn’t offer MyBabbo!

Rayna C. Robinson,
Wheatland Funeral Service

Click, click, click … DONE!

We received our first order today and the family didn’t even get out of the funeral home parking lot before coming back in to order multiple copies. An exciting start. My manager had said what a wonderful job that I did – I replied “click, click, click – done”. Your team did awesome…and here we are taking the credit. Hats off to you ladies and the rest of your team.

Joan Lang,
Cameron Funeral Home


For me, MyBabbo is Remembrance. The video and photo book created of my Dad has a permanent home on my coffee table and has enabled my family and friends to reflect and remember a kind and outgoing man. The book is a constant source of comfort and always brings a smile, and often some tears. Thank you for your kind hearts, professionalism and publishing our family memories…a picture really is worth a thousand words!

With love and appreciation,

Erin Cimino


It’s been nearly 8 years since my brother passed. We play his video tribute every year at an annual event held in his honour. The video allows those of us who loved him to relive memories as we laugh and cry,together. I’m so grateful to MyBabbo for helping us remember (again and again) the joy he brought to all of our lives.

Kyra Blessing


The photo book your team has put together I like to refer to as a HEALING HELPER. Grief is a difficult road, but thanks to the photo book created of my husband it has facilitated lots of laughter, tears and storytelling. It has helped me keep his memory alive.

Helen Draffin,
Family from York Cemeteries,
Mount Pleasant Group


MyBabbo absolutely knows how to achieve excellence in customer service. MyBabbo delivers what they promise each and every time, complete with flawless and consistent quality, delivery time and better than fair pricing! You owe it to your company and especially the families you serve, to partner with

Tim Weaver,
Weaver Family Funeral Homes


Having MyBabbo produce the Video and Photo Book for our mom’s service was a huge relief. They were the cornerstones of our service. They brought people together, got them sharing stories and was a beautiful tribute to our mom.

Blessing Family, family from
Turner & Porter Funeral Homes


We find your team exceptional at customer service. We are extremely happy with the process and proud to be partners with MyBabbo.

Crystal Bailey,
Bailey’s Funeral and Cremation Care


The family loved the customized cards you created for their service. Thank You – You and your team are the absolute best!

Jude Haas,
Director, Cardinal Funeral Homes


We can’t thank you enough. You did such a great job on the book.We had sooo many tears as we reflected on all the memories shared. Thanks for putting your heart into this book to share our wonderful memories of Mom/Grandma Jean! The book is amazing. You have captured the beautiful story of Mom’s life wonderfully.An absolute treasure.

Thank You!!!!

Schmaltz Family, family from
the Henry Walser Funeral Home


Thank you for your help and wonderfully compassionate support at this profoundly sorrowful time in my life. I greatly appreciate your extremely courteous and always prompt attention to all my enquiries and requests. Your excellent customer service and support as “CLIENT HAPPINESS MANAGERS” throughout my whole MyBabbo process has made me the UTMOST HAPPY CLIENT. You are THE BEST at delivering customer service and satisfaction! Simply put, you are a GODSEND, an ANGEL, for those like me dealing with sorrowful & difficult times.

Heartfelt Thanks,

Mary A.


When I lost my mom, the team at MyBabbo created a beautiful photo book filled with images of her that hold beautiful memories for me. The book was also filled with messages and stories written by those in attendance at her funeral. I look through my book on days when it’s really hard to get by without her, and I’m able to see the joy and love she had for life as well as reminisce on the ways she touched the lives of others.

Portley Gharty-Johnson


We have a serious issue… There aren’t anymore meatballs left in the fridge and its lunch time!!!
I just want to say thank you for spoiling us with such a delicious treat!! You guys are wonderful and truly one of a kind! We are luck to get to work alongside you. All the best!!

Funeral Director


My grandma took her photo book and showed it to the folks at the Grief Support Group and many of them would like to get one for their loved one made. She just loved the one you put together of my Grandpa. I can’t thank you enough for this keepsake.

Trevor Crystal


My Babbo allows families to share such wonderful memories in a way that can be passed along from generation to generation. We will always cherish our family memento.

Thank you,

A Slator


What better of a compliment than for a family to phone us up and say we want 25 more copies of the photo book. How more meaningful is that? As I think about the baby boomer generation that does not want to be forgotten, what a better way than through a photo book of their photos that facilitates the sharing of their stories and legacy. I believe these photo books are essential as they get families talking about the person and events in time, which will assist them as they work through their loss.

David Garvie,
Retired General Manager,
Ogden Funeral Home

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